What is the significance of taking chances on people, and how do positive work connections impact the future?

House of Test
Adam and Johan outside the gothenburg office

Imagine a world where opportunities are solely based on experience, and potential goes unnoticed. It is a world without the unexpected, where the safe choice is the right choice. But what if taking chances on people, despite their limited experience, can lead to great and long-lasting outcomes? To give you an example of this, we will share Adam Eliasson's story. From an initial hesitant hire to becoming an excellent asset, Adam's journey highlights the significance of embracing the unknown and forging positive work connections. 

Part 1: Adams story

Initial hiring

During 2014 and 2017, Adam Eliasson did a Bachelor's degree in Information Systems at Göteborgs Universitet. After finishing his education, he came in touch with Johan Magnusson, who worked at a consulting company as the Testing Consultant Manager. At first, Johan hesitated to hire Adam because of his limited experience, which wasn't the ideal match for the customers and assignments he currently served. He needed someone with experience, not a tester fresh out of school. However, after meeting Adam, Johan felt that he was the right fit for his team and decided to take a chance and hire him. It turned out that Adam was a great match, an awesome tester, and a fun colleague to be around, and together, they ensured Adam got to work on many exciting projects within the automotive and banking industry, successfully optimizing and developing software and products for the clients. Adam was remarkable because he could easily adjust to any task or situation presented to him. His initial job required him to use advanced test automation frameworks and perform complicated API testing. Instead of viewing challenges as problems, he saw them as opportunities to improve his skills. 

The journey to House of Test

Fast forward to a few years later, Johan had just started working as the CEO for House of Test Gothenburg, and Adam was stuck in a project that was not, for him, fulfilling and had, in many ways, run its course. After catching up over lunch, Adam asked Johan if a position was available on his team. Johan was more than happy to hire Adam again and offered him a contract for employment. They made a plan together for Adam to make a good exit from his current assignment, and Adam started working at House of Test in 2021. We asked Adam what motivates him when working with Testing, and he replied:

"Collaborating with a team to achieve a shared objective and gathering feedback and insights from various perspectives and stakeholders. Then converting those inputs into an excellent product and presenting it to the customers is what motivates and make me happy. But also when they witness how effectively the solution works and how it streamlines their daily routine."

Positive work connections

The reason we are sharing this story is to emphasize the importance of relationships and taking chances on people who give you a positive feeling. Even though Adam didn't have all the necessary qualifications, Johan decided to give him a chance and discovered that he had a lot to offer, not just in terms of work but also in building a lasting and profitable relationship. It's crucial to have great people on your team who contribute to a positive work culture and create a happy environment where employees can perform their best for customers. We also believe that this positive attitude spreads from our team to the assignment team. 

If you have any questions about Adams Journey, feel free to reach out to him, adam.eliasson@houseoftest.se.