The significance of taking chances on people, and how positive work connections impact the future: Part Two

House of Test
Rebecca Nidén at the Lund office.

It is often said that taking chances on people can lead to great outcomes. Last week we shared Adam's story and how he and Johan Magnusson formed a strong work relationship. In part two, we explore the story of Rebecca Nidén, a young and new Test Engineer professional, and Sebastian Thuné, CEO of House of Test Lund. Despite encountering a series of challenges, their journey showcases the significance of taking chances and how it can shape the future even when things do not turn out as expected. And, this story is just the beginning…

Taking the chance

Rebecca came in contact with Sebastian and the House of Test during her studies at EC Utbildningar in Malmö. Recognizing her potential, Sebastian took a leap of faith and decided to hire her, despite her lack of professional experience. He believed in Rebecca's personality, drive, and skills and saw an opportunity to take her in as a junior consultant at House of Test.

The Challenge of Finding an Assignment

However, as time passed, Sebastian faced difficulties in finding a suitable assignment for Rebecca. The industry these past few months has been challenging due to a looming recession. The assignment Rebecca had lined up was put on hold due to the organization's budget cuts. Her lack of previous assignments became a stumbling block. Sebastian realized that finding a project where the customer was willing to take a chance on Rebecca as a consultant would be an uphill battle. In these times, many go for the safe choice of hiring someone with more experience. Months passed, filled with countless discussions and networking efforts, but no viable assignment emerged. This was, of course, a frustrating period for Sebastian as he knew how great of an asset Rebecca would be in any project. 

An Unexpected Twist

Just when Sebastian began feeling the weight of disappointment, an opportunity arose—but with an unforeseen condition. The prospective client wanted to hire Rebecca as a fixed employee rather than a consultant. This presented a dilemma for Sebastian, as he had to make a decision that would significantly impact both the company and Rebecca herself.

The Bittersweet Departure

After careful consideration, Sebastian and Rebecca choose to accept the fixed employee offer from the client. It was a difficult choice, as it meant parting ways with a talented individual who had immense potential. However, Sebastian recognized that this opportunity would provide Rebecca with the stability and growth she needed at this stage of her career.


Despite the challenges and the outcome not aligning with their original plans, the experience proved to be a catalyst for growth and development. Rebecca understood the reasoning behind Sebastian's decision. She embraced it as an opportunity to learn, adapt, and explore new opportunities within a different work environment. 

Rebecca Nidén at the Lund office!


Rebecca's journey with Sebastian exemplifies the significance of taking chances on people, even when circumstances don't unfold as expected. Sebastian's initial decision to hire Rebecca, despite her lack of experience, showcased his belief in her potential, and despite the challenges they faced, the belief is still there, and we hope that Rebecca will one day find her way back to us. 

And as Rebecca shared, “When life doesn't go as planned, I try to remind myself to trust the journey. Usually, things work out well in the end, and even when they don't, there are valuable lessons to be learned. This is something I often reflect on.”

So, let's remember that taking chances on individuals can shape a better future, even when the journey presents unforeseen challenges. We also need to remember that we have a responsibility to take care of both the employees and the company.