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Our team consists of world class professionals with a broad range of experiences.We recognize that everyone on the team influence our work and how we engage our customers. Having the right people on our team is key to our success. Read more about our team here.

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We believe that working context-driven will help us maximizing our service value and benefit for our customers, which means serving stakeholders with honest, relevant and useful information at all times. Read more about our philosophy here.

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November 3, 2014
Celebrity week at Hermods YH-Test program
It is celebrity week for our students at Hermods YH-Test program that Martin Nilsson from House of Test is teaches. James Bach, Ben Kelly and Pradeep Soundarara…

October 19, 2014
Martin Nilsson to present at World Quality Day
World Quality Day will be held in Malmö on November 13, arranged by the Swedish Association for Quality. The theme of the day is "Quality for people and their …

September 18, 2014
Johan Jonasson talks about ISO 29119 at DevLin 2014
On Oct 9th, Johan Jonasson will give a talk at DevLin 2014 about the dangers and other implications of the new ISO 29119 software testing standard.

September 7, 2014
Erik Brickarp joins House of Test
On August 18th, Erik Brickarp joined House of Test to work as a senior consultant. We are very exited about this newest addition to the House. Erik is an experi…

August 19, 2014
Petition to stop ISO 29119
We at House of Test fully support ISST’s recent petition to stop the ISO 29119 standard. For an ISO standard to be approved in any field, there needs to be…

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