We are
House of Test

As an independent company, We believe in the force of change and pushing boundaries of what is possible. Not just when it comes to testing and QA but also with people and society.
We are passionate about creating solutions that positively impact individuals, businesses, and communities. Technology can be a force for good, and we are dedicated to ensuring that the products we work with reflect this philosophy.

WE are rebels

We are not your typical middle-of-the-road consultant company; we are revolutionists, rebels if you'd like, and we disrupt the status quo. We are edgy, sarcastic, and fun people who give a damn about the world. Rebelling against bland and impersonal ways is in our DNA; we embrace bold and new ideas, pioneering the consultant and software testing community.

WE are explorers

We are hungry for knowledge, or better put; we are starving for it. We apply ourselves to our expertise and foster our skills by exploring humanity, life, and technology. By bridging tech and humans, we ensure that tech serves its purpose of improving the world and the lives within it.

Image of the house of test Linköping

WE are Liberators

We are free to explore and experience the world the best way we can. As an independent business, we are free from old-school methods and dehumanizing factory testing. We find the best possible testing methods and solutions for each project - securing success for our people and customers alike.

WE are Loyal

We give a damn about our people! We are dedicated to creating a positive impact on our people and society. We believe that success comes from staying true to our purpose and our unwavering commitment to our well-being as well as our customers.

Portrait of Sese, one of our expert consultants

Our People

Our people are our most important focus, and we make it a priority to encourage them to pursue their dreams. We believe that when our employees are fulfilled, they bring their best selves to the table, which ultimately leads to better customer experiences and more significant business outcomes.

We believe that success comes from staying true to our purpose and our unwavering commitment to our employees' well-being and vision – To make people happy while delivering their best.